Gas Properties


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  Gas Law Problems
State of Matter PPT Ideal Gas Law Problems
Gas Properties PPT Study Guide

Things you need to know to succeed in Gases and Properties unit test:

1. Kinetic theory for gases: 3 important concepts
a. Volume?
b. Motion?
c. Collision?
2. Definition of pressure?
3. STP?
4. Relationship between kinetic energy and temperature
5. Absolute zero?
6. What are boiling point and normal boiling point?
7. How would you describe the change from liquid to gas in molecular level?
8. Why is gas compressible?
9. The four variables describing a gas
10. What is ideal gas law?
11. Can you tell the relationship between volume/temperature, pressure/volume and pressure/temperature by examining the ideal gas law?
12. Real gases differ most from an ideal gas at low temperatures and high pressure. Why? Because 1. The particles in real gas have volume. 2. There are attractions between the molecules.
13. Daltonís law: Ptotal = P1 + P2 + P3 +ÖÖ
14. Grahamís law: Gases of lower molar mass diffuse and effuse faster than gases of high molar mass