3/27/11 - Spring Break is just ahead.  Hang in there!!!  Acids and Bases Packet is uploaded for a sneak preview!!

3/24/11 - You did it again!!!  Many of you have done exceptional in the test.  Some has improved so much!!  The new unit, Nuclear Chemistry is now up.  I hope that after learning this unit you'll have more insight to the nuclear catastrophe Japan is now facing.

3/13/11 - Most of you did well in the Solutions Unit Tests.  I'm absolutely very delighted!!!!  New unit, Thermochemistry is now up!!  Enjoy!!

2/25/11 - I'm having trouble loading Google Canlendar....

2/24/11 - The solutions of all worksheets and homework are up one day before the test.  Are you ready for the new unit?  Unit of Solution is now up!!!  Have fun!!!

2/9/11 - Gas Properties folder is up!!

2/8/11 - Organic chem nomenclature answer is up.  Test is tomorrow.  Study hard!!!

2/7/11 - You have one more day to work on Recycling Project.  Polymer PPT and answers for 10.4/10.7 are up for your reference.

2/5/11 - All work will be due 2/7/11.  Wonder why you got less points than your neighbor?  Check the grading rubrics below.  Use the Discussion Forums to get help from others and me.  If you prefer, send me email.

2/1/11 - Vocabulary website added in Organic Chemistry page

1/31/11 - Period 2,3 - Review vocabulary before 2/4/11.  Discussion Forum is open.  Please read the netiquette and post at appropriate board.

1/26/11 - Welcome to the second semester of Chemistry.  Please take some time to navigate around the website.