1.     Be Punctual!  Come to class on time and be prepared to participate.  Be in your seat by the time bell rings.

2.     Be on Task! Use your class time wisely and appropriately. At NO time should you be playing games on a calculator or computer or other hand-held device.

3.     Show Respect for yourself, your classmates, your teacher, classroom equipment and othersí belongings.  Please listen to others and do not talk out of turn.

4.     Be Safe!  Follow all lab and class safety guidelines at all times.

5.     Ask questions during class discussions and work time!!  If you have a question, someone else may, too!  Please let me know if you do not understand something.  Iíll be more than happy to work with you to bring you to (or closer to) the level of understanding at which you want to be.

6.     Be Responsible for your actions, your participation, and your own work.

7.     Please eat and drink elsewhere. J  Neither food nor drink will be allowed in the classroom.  The only exception is water bottle.


         Cheating will be dealt with according to the definition and disciplinary recommendations given in the DBHS student handbook.

         Disciplinary actions will depend on the severity and the frequency of the event, one or more of the following will be done:          

1.      Loss of professionalism points

2.     Phone call to the guardian

3.      Detention with teacher

4.      Administrative referral