Homework Policies


·         All assignments are due at the time specified.  Due time is at the beginning of the class period of the due day, unless otherwise stated.

-          1/2 credit will be given if they are one day late!!  ZERO credit will be given if it’s more than one day late.

-          “Homework pass” must be attached to your late assignments.

-          3 late work passes will be given PER SEMESTER.  Use them wisely!  No full credit will be given for late homework without a pass!

·         It is the student’s responsibility to get any assignments missed during an excused absence.  If an absence is Unexcused, the student will receive a zero for any assignments or quizzes missed.

·         Homework that was due the day you were gone must be turned in the day you return.  Fill out an “Absent/Make-up Work” form and staple it to your assignment before turning in.  These can be found in the front of the room.

·         If you miss a lab, because of an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the lab at an after school lab make-up session within 1 week of the absence.

·         If you miss a quiz or exam, you will take the quiz the day you return Exception:  If you missed an in-class review assignment the day before the exam, you will have one additional day to review and make up the test.

·         Written work must be handed in on loose-leaf paper onlyNO RAGGED EDGE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  DO NOT USE CLASS TIME TO TRIM PAPERS! Do this before the bell rings or at home!

·         All work must be legible.  Grades will not be given if I can’t read them or read the numbers wrong.  It is the student’s responsibility to produce readable homework.